The losers complain, Winners practice

The greatest pleasure in life is to achieve what others think you are not able to do.
Let's go !


High-end equipment and all my expertise will be at your disposal.


Light Dumbbells
Rubber bands
Light and heavy weights
Bar and additional loads
Swiss Ball

About me

Graduated in a State Diploma in Sports Coaching, I have been working since 2005 in this amazing job, I chose after a professional reorientation.

All these years, i have worked in most of the major Parisian sports clubs on diferent standardized concepts that are used all over the world for group classes. Being as close as posible to my clients in order to help them reach their goals, I have created several concepts, directly from my experience and knowlegde, in order to satisfy great general needs and at the same time be adaptable to more specific and individual requests.

On the other hand, as sport is only part of the solution, i can advise you about your diet to optimize the effects of your sports sessions.

Benefits of

Who has never made a good resolution in subscribing in a sports activity ? But often, after a while, we find that any excuse is good to get away from the goal. Left to ourselves or sometimes with impersonal follow-up, nothing really helped us to stay in the right direction.

100% EASY

Scheduled sessions ensure the regularity you need. The sessions take place at your home, that saves time and makes it easy to organize. The support your coach allows you to be always motivated and regular in your training.


The content of the sessions is perfectly adapted to your sports profile, taking into account your background and your evolution. The exercices are specially chosen so that you can achieve your goals !


You are individually monitored, so each session is productive and efficient. this is the guarantee of regular and rapid improvement and real results !


All the programs offered, each one of them allow the achievement of a objective in particular. It is absolutely posible to mix the types of sessions to optimize body conditionning.


High-intensity fractional training


Without equipment, progressive training with respect for the body


Outdoors, running and strength training


The combination of Yoga and Mindfulness


Because natural and healthy food is important


One-to-One Course

  • Customized goals
  • 1 to 3 sesiones per week
  • 45 to 60 minutes per session
  • Loyalty pricing
  • MOOV'n DIET available
From €60/session

Courses for small group

  • up to 6 persons
  • Standard program
  • 1 to 3 sessions per week
  • 45 to 60 minutes per session
  • MOOV'n DIET not included
From €15/sess./pers.

Program only

  • Personalized goals
  • Set-Up Session
  • MOOV'n DIET included
  • Optional mensuel checkpoint
  • Optional revaluation
Package (non-optional) €250

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Phone : (+33) - Mail : - Adress : 51 Avenue Léonard de Vinci 92400 COURBEVOIE